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4 Common Issues That Affect Steeply Pitched Roofs

Steeply pitched roofs look wonderful and they have quite a few benefits, such as improved energy efficiency and the ability to shed moisture quickly. There are also a few specific concerns pertaining to a steeper-pitched roof. A roofing service can help you to combat the following issues. 1. Drain Path Problems Blockages in the drain path along the pitch can lead to water accumulation. Everything from a rooftop vent stack to the top edge of a skylight can interfere with water flow down the pitch. Read More 

Residential Fire Demolition Projects

A residential fire occurring on your land could result in needing a partial renovation or a full renovation in order to get your property back into a livable state. You will need to consult with an insurance adjuster and a contractor during the demolition project that you seek. Safety Concerns First, you will need a professional opinion concerning the status of your home. A fire marshal, an insurance adjuster, and a demolition contractor may each perform a preliminary inspection of your property. Read More 

What You Need To Obtain A Manufactured Home Foundation Certification

A manufactured home foundation certification is a document that certifies that a manufactured home is properly installed on its foundation and meets all local building codes and regulations. There are several things that you need in order to obtain a manufactured home foundation certification. Completed Foundation Certification Form The first thing you will need for a manufactured home foundation certification is a completed foundation certification form. This form must be completed by the manufacturer or an authorized representative and must include all relevant information about the manufactured home and its foundation, including the make, model, and serial number of the home, as well as the size and type of foundation. Read More 

Steel Distributors: How To Save Money When Ordering From Them

If you have a project that requires a lot of steel materials, you'll probably need to find a distributor. They can easily complete your order regardless of steel varieties and quantities. If you want to save money when ordering from one, here are some actions you can take.  Start Off Comparing Rates of Multiple Distributors The first thing you need to do when looking to save money on steel supplies is compare rates from multiple distributors. Read More 

Vinyl Deck Construction For A House

Has your wooden deck deteriorated to the extent of being unsafe to use due to the structural integrity being compromised? If you do not intend to replace the deck, it is important to hire a contractor to demolish it to prevent an accident from happening on your property. However, if you desire to replace the deck, choosing a vinyl deck is more beneficial than getting a wooden deck constructed again. The reason is because you can maintain a deck that mimics wood, but it does not have the problems that come with wood. Read More