Does Your Company Need A Wellness Room?

What Is a Wellness Room Anyways?

A wellness room lets employees take a break from stressors without leaving the premises. That means it is similar to a break room. However, it often has a broader range of amenities that better reflects your employees' multi-faceted needs. If your company doesn't have a wellness room, you should ask commercial construction contractors about installing one because you can get a surprising amount of value from it. 

Why Would You Want a Wellness Room For Your Company?

Here are some of the reasons why your company should have a wellness room:

Reduce Stress

Stress can spur productivity in the short run. Unfortunately, University Hospitals and other resources agree that it lowers employees' work-related output when left unchecked by impairing their thinking and cratering their engagement. A wellness room gives your employees a place to rest when feeling overwhelmed, thus enabling them to restore their equilibrium rather than feel compelled to slog onward.

Improve Health

On a related note, a stressed employee is likelier to become a sick employee. Stress makes people feel miserable. Moreover, it suppresses the immune system, thus increasing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other serious medical problems. Companies should care about this because sick employees make expensive employees. For instance, HR Executive reported in 2020 that poor health cost U.S. employers $575 billion in lost productivity. Something that can be particularly concerning if you have linchpin employees whose absence can cause your entire operation to grind to a screeching stop.

Prevent Burnout

Burnout is another issue that a well-appointed wellness room installed by commercial general construction workers can mitigate. In short, everyone has a breaking point. That means you can't expect employees to continue working while stressed-out forever. Eventually, they will quit because of burnout, thus leaving a hole in your operations. You can fix that disruption by finding and training a replacement. The issue is that these things will take time, money, and other resources. As a result, preventing your employees from experiencing burnout is critical for keeping your operations running as smoothly as possible. Having a wellness room on the premises is a small price to pay for this edge.

How Can a Contractor Help?

You might be able to put together a wellness room on your own. However, you would do well to call in a team of reliable and reputable commercial construction contractors if you need to make more extensive changes.

Contact local commercial construction contractors to learn more.