Commercial Roofing: Repairing Storm Damage

As a business owner, you know that your commercial roof is one of the most important parts of your building. It protects your employees, inventory, and customers from the elements. However, severe storms can damage even the most robust commercial roofing systems, leaving your building vulnerable to leaks, water damage, and other issues.

Here are some of the steps a commercial roofing contractor can take to repair storm damage and protect your business.


The first step in repairing storm damage to your commercial roof is to have it inspected by a professional roofing contractor.

  • Assessment: a roofing contractor will examine your roof for any signs of damage, such as missing shingles, cracks, or holes. They will also check for water damage and assess the overall condition of your roofing system.


Once the inspection is complete, the roofing contractor will provide you with a detailed report of the damage and recommend the necessary repairs.

  • Repairs: depending on the extent of the damage, repairs may include replacing missing shingles, patching holes, or replacing damaged areas of the roof. The roofing contractor will use high-quality materials and proven techniques to ensure that the repairs are effective and long-lasting.

Preventative Measures

In addition to repairing the storm damage, a commercial roofing contractor can also take preventative measures to protect your roof from future storms.

  • Prevention: this can include reinforcing weak areas of the roof, adding extra layers of protection, or installing storm-resistant materials. These measures can help minimize the risk of damage from future storms and protect your business from costly repairs.

Insurance Claims

If the storm damage to your commercial roof is severe, you may need to file an insurance claim.

  • Claims: a roofing contractor with experience in storm damage repair can help you navigate the insurance claim process, including filing the claim, providing documentation of the damage, and working with your insurance adjuster to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your commercial roof in good condition and prevent storm damage.

  • Maintenance: a commercial roofing contractor can provide ongoing maintenance services, such as cleaning the roof, inspecting for damage, and making necessary repairs. By keeping your roof well-maintained, you can minimize the risk of damage from future storms and extend the life of your roofing system.

If your commercial roof has been damaged by a storm, it's essential to hire a professional commercial roofing contractor to repair the damage and protect your business. With their expertise in storm damage repair, preventative measures, insurance claims, and ongoing maintenance, a commercial roofing contractor can ensure that your roofing system is strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Contact a commercial roofing contractor today to schedule an inspection and protect your business from storm damage.