Construction: It's the Name of the Game

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider the Following Features

Are you in the process of remodeling your kitchen for the very first time? If so, you're likely to make some mistakes along the way because you've never done it before. Consider the following features so that you don't have regrets when the remodel is done.  Consider the Cabinet Depth Around Appliances A common problem people do not realize until everything is in place is that the cabinet depths are a bit too shallow to their liking. Read More 

Why Composite Decking Is A Great Choice For Your Home Dock Construction

Looking to build a dock on your waterfront residential property? A second home that's located near the water offers a perfect escape from the hectic city life. It gives you breathtaking views of nature, as well as a chance to dip your toes into the cool, relaxing water. One of the key things you'll have to think about when planning your dock construction project is which kind of decking material to use. Read More 

10 Types Of Contractors To Hire For Your Project

You've probably heard the word "contractor" before. But who is a contractor? This is a construction or design professional whose services you procure. While most people are only familiar with general contractors, there are several other contractors that the GCs — as general contractors are commonly known — sublet work to. They all have an essential role to play and are listed below in this brief. General Contractor This is the overall contractor for the whole project. Read More 

Misconceptions About Having A Home Custom Built

So many people want to have a custom home built. This can be a really rewarding experience, ending with you living in a home that is everything you dreamed of. However, the whole process of working with the builder and having the home built is not always what people expect. So, what misconceptions might you have right now that should be cleared up before you start down the whole building process? Read More 

Helpful Maintenance Tips For Commercial Architectural Glass Doors

If your building has doors with architectural glass, this is a premium material that you want to take good care of – so that your doors will function normally and the visuals of your property will hold up. Here are some maintenance tips that really help with architectural glass on commercial doors. Make Sure Door Mechanisms are Functioning Well You'll be able to get a lot of years out of architectural glass doors when their mechanisms are set up to function consistently. Read More