Deep Well Pump - Care Tips That Matter For Longevity

If your property's well is buried deep below the ground, you'll require a deep well pump to get water from it. To keep it running great long-term, follow these maintenance suggestions.

Be Careful Not to Over-Lubricate the Pump

Submersible well pumps come out of manufacturing efficient, but for them to remain this way, you must lubricate them. That said, don't make the mistake of over-lubricating your pump because it can cause damage to integral components. 

For instance, you can negatively affect the pump's bearings. You won't risk over-lubrication if you consult with your pump's manufacturer. They will say what type of lubricant to use and how much to apply at specific intervals. Note their lubrication protocols so that you easily avoid over-lubrication over the years. 

Fully Inspect the Motor

The motor powers your pump and lets it move water from the well to your property. Inspect it thoroughly to ensure it doesn't have structural or performance complications. For an up-close inspection, you first need to access the pump from underground.

A pulling machine can help, especially if the pump is deep below the surface and weighs a lot. Once you bring it up, inspect every part of the motor and run the pump to see it perform in real-time. If you spot any problems, let a pump repair contractor fix them before lowering the pump back down. 

Replace Worn Down Seals

Your deep well pump has seals that provide a watertight design. Over time, these seals will wear down and when they do, replace them quickly. You can then trust your well pump will continue to work great for a long time. Worn seals may have missing or warped sections, allowing water to get to compartments that should ideally remain dry. 

If you spot any of these structural signs with seals after inspecting the deep well pump, find replacements as soon as possible. Make sure they're compatible with your well pump, too, so that installation goes smoothly and the seals do their job from here on out.

Deep well pumps are critical for property owners with well systems deep below the ground. If you have one and don't want to replace it soon, ensure you have maintenance down correctly to avoid frequent problems and unnecessary costs. As long as you take time to study your pump, maintenance will remain simple and give you many great years to look forward to with said well part.

For more information on submersible well pumps, contact a local contractor.