4 Common Issues That Affect Steeply Pitched Roofs

Steeply pitched roofs look wonderful and they have quite a few benefits, such as improved energy efficiency and the ability to shed moisture quickly. There are also a few specific concerns pertaining to a steeper-pitched roof. A roofing service can help you to combat the following issues.

1. Drain Path Problems

Blockages in the drain path along the pitch can lead to water accumulation. Everything from a rooftop vent stack to the top edge of a skylight can interfere with water flow down the pitch. Water can pool in these areas, leading to seal failures and leaks. Similar drain path issues can affect roofs with multiple peaks and valleys, as any obstruction in the valley leads to water accumulation. Your roofer can install shuttles upslope of obstructions in the drain path, which will shunt water around the obstruction.

2. Snow Slide-Offs

One benefit of a pitched roof is that snow and ice tend to slide off quickly on a sunny day, thus clearing the roof of unnecessary weight and moisture. This is also a concern, as falling snow and ice can cause injury or damage below. There's a roofing fix for this challenge that will allow for the benefit of quick snow shed while also ensuring safety below. The fix uses a combination of shunts, which will route sliding snow away from doorways, and rooftop heat cables, which come on automatically to help speed up snow melt. 

3. Vent System Blockages

A high-pitched roof has a lot of attic space, which is great for your home's energy efficiency as long as it vents properly so heat and moisture don't accumulate on the rafters and underside of the roof. Debris tumbling down the steep pitch can clog attic vents along the roof slope, and debris can be a major issue in heavily treed areas. Ridge vents are less likely to become obstructed, but they can't vent quickly enough if you have a large or tall attic. Your roofer can install taller vent stacks to raise the vent above the debris zone, along with screened vent covers that will help keep debris out.

4. Gutter Trough Overflows

Debris won't stay on a steep pitch for long, which unfortunately means your gutter system may clog up more quickly as well. Clogged gutters can lead to winter ice dams as well as pooling water and backflow issues that lead to leaks. Installing wider and deeper gutter troughs can help, but frequent gutter cleaning will still be needed. Installing gutter covers to keep out debris is a better solution. You may also want to have your roofer replace wood eaves with vinyl or aluminum, as this will avoid rot issues if the gutters do overflow.

Contact a roofing service such as Biondo Contracting if you have any issues on your pitched roof that need to be addressed.