Residential Fire Demolition Projects

A residential fire occurring on your land could result in needing a partial renovation or a full renovation in order to get your property back into a livable state. You will need to consult with an insurance adjuster and a contractor during the demolition project that you seek.

Safety Concerns

First, you will need a professional opinion concerning the status of your home. A fire marshal, an insurance adjuster, and a demolition contractor may each perform a preliminary inspection of your property. Soot, ash, and other harmful contaminants may be in your home, which could pose a threat to you and your family.

Upon being directed to seek a demolition, a demolition contractor will consult with you about the complexity of the demolition that will be needed. A demolition contractor may recommend that you have your home tested for asbestos. They may also direct you in obtaining a demolition permit.

The Project

It is important that you follow all of the demolition guidelines that are mandated in your state. These rules will protect your safety, plus ensure that you are not fined. If your insurance claim will be covering some or all of the demolition costs, you will likely need to follow up with an insurance claims adjuster when the demolition project has been completed. It may be necessary for a walkthrough of your property to be completed.

The demolition will consist of manually and mechanically tearing down parts of your home or the entire home. The demolition contractor will determine if any parts of the structure are salvageable. If the home can be rebuilt, the contractor may eliminate some of the interior materials or exterior materials. If the home is not salvageable, a contractor will advise that the entire structure be torn down.

You will have the option of rebuilding on the same plot. A contractor who provides comprehensive services will plan and execute the demolition. They will be responsible for securing equipment that will be necessary for tearing down the home. They will also oversee the manner in which waste materials are removed from your property.

Some contractors perform land grading processes too. Before you hire a contractor to tackle the demolition project, find out details about each of the services that they provide. If you plan on remaining on the land that you own, you will likely want to hire a demolition contractor who can prep your land for rebuilding.

Reach out to residential demolition services to learn more.