Electrical Trenching And Boring

Electrical trenching and boring (electrical excavation) is used to install new conduit or to repair existing electrical components. The type of excavation that will be performed on a piece of property may be dependent upon a consumer's budget and the layout of the property. 

Trenching And Boring

Trenching and boring are two different excavation processes of varying complexity. A trenching project will require much more land disruption than a boring process. It will require marking land and using standard excavation equipment to remove the earth from the ground. This type of project provides direct access to the area where conduit materials will be repaired or replaced.

Due to the direct access that a standard electrical trenching project involves, a contractor may charge less money for this excavation process than a boring one. A boring procedure consists of digging small holes along targeted areas. There are various ways for an electrical contractor to determine where conduit materials are already installed or where new ones will need to be laid out.

A boring process uses excavation equipment, but the equipment will not be responsible for removing as much earth as an electrical trenching project. A boring project requires more planning, plus is typically more difficult to execute. As a result, a contractor may charge more money for this type of service. Boring is typically conducted in confined areas.


Upon hiring a contractor, they will consult with you about the project requirements. Any existing conduit materials that are being upgraded will need to be located. Underground materials may be buried in an empty part of a lawn or under a driveway or walkway that comprises a piece of property. With either type of excavation process, there may be some variables that will make it initially difficult for a contractor to access electrical components.

For example, a parking lot, a driveway, or heavy patio slabs could hinder a contractor's ability to access the electrical components. If this is an issue that comes to light, a contractor will outline how they will move the materials that are in the way.

This could lengthen the amount of time that it takes to complete a trenching or boring project. If complex processes need to be conducted, more excavation equipment may be needed to perform a job. The contractor you hire will outline the job variables, plus provide you with a quote for the proposed trenching or boring process that they will complete.

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