Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

Your garage door protects the contents of the garage from the elements and unwanted pests, including thieves. When you notice your garage door acting up, you may be tempted to ignore it until the problem becomes more pressing. However, immediate garage door services can ensure safety and adequate protection. Here are 5 signs you need garage door repair.

1. Excessive Noise

Your garage door should make noise. However, if the noises get louder and more frequent, it can indicate that components in your garage door system have gotten loose, such as the spring. The faulty components will require repair or replacement before they lead to dangerous garage door malfunction.

2. Visible Damage

You should not be able to see frayed wires or other signs of visible damage. A frayed wire is not only an electrical hazard, but it can break at any moment. If a wire breaks, the entire door may fail to respond to the garage door opener. The wiring will need to be repaired or replaced. 

3. Uneven Movements

Your garage door should open and close smoothly. However, if the garage door moves unevenly, it can indicate that the garage door has a problem somewhere along the track. A garage door company can find the location of the problem along the track and resolve the obstruction to allow the garage door to move smoothly again.

4. Unable to Fully Close

Your garage door closes your garage from the outside. When the door doesn't fully close after it finishes coming down the track, you leave your garage vulnerable. Not only can pests get inside, but an open garage door can also impact the efficiency of your garage and your home in the case of an attached garage. 

5. No Response

If you attempt to open or close your garage door but get no response when you use the garage door opener, it may indicate that you need a new garage door opener. Alternatively, it can indicate that the wiring is damaged. 

If you have trouble with your garage door, be sure to get professional garage door services. Garage door repair is especially dangerous for DIY repairmen. Without the proper training, the garage door may fall on the repairman, sometimes leading to death. Do not attempt to repair your garage door yourself! 

Most garage door problems can be resolved with a repair. In some cases, you will need to replace the garage door. 

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