Options A Residential Land Drainage Contractor Might Try When Your Property Has Drainage Problems

Standing water on your property can cause all kinds of problems. It might create issues with mosquitoes in the summer, and if the water is near your house, it could cause a wet basement or foundation damage. You may need a residential land drainage contractor to fix the problem so the rain drains away, rather than puddling up in your yard. Here are some options they might consider. 

Putting Drains In Your Driveway

If water stands on your driveway, the contractor might put in a drain so rain can fall through the grille in the driveway or yard beside the driveway and roll into a drain. The drain might empty in a dry well and gradually filter through the soil, or the drain might empty in the street where the water won't do any harm.

Bury The Downspout

If you're having problems with water puddling around the downspout, the contractor might adjust the slope of the land in the area or put an extension on the downspout. A better solution could be to bury the end of the downspout so rain empties into a French drain and is taken to the street.

Dig A Swale In Your Yard

A swale is also known as a dry creek. It's dug out to create a depression in the land where water in your yard can drain safely. When it rains, the swale fills with water to create a scenic creek on your property. The water in the swale gradually drains into the soil so it stays away from your home and other areas where standing water could be a problem.

The residential land drainage contractor may need to install a drain system so water in your yard is caught in the drains and moves to the swale. This allows the swale to act like a dry well, except a swale adds a little beauty to your property too.

Grade Your Property

Grading your property is usually disruptive if you have established landscaping, but if your home is newly built, grading might be a good solution. The contractor can move soil around to create a slope that leads away from your house so you don't have to worry about rain getting caught near the foundation and creating puddles.

Put In A French Drain

A French drain is a common solution for basement waterproofing. The contractor buries the drain alongside the foundation of your house. When rain falls in the soil near the foundation, the rain filters down to the drain where it is caught and carried out to the street. This keeps water out of your basement, and it's sometimes combined with putting a membrane or coating on the exterior wall of your home.

Contact a local land drainage service to learn more.