Other Things To Have Paved While You’re Getting Your Driveway Done

Having a driveway paved can be a great investment, but it's not a cheap investment. A lot of the cost simply comes from having the crew and equipment on-site for the day. As such, if there are other areas you want to be paved around your property, having this done at the same time you have your driveway paved can save you some money. But what, other than a driveway, might you want to have paved? Here are a few ideas.


Are there certain places in your yard where you walk regularly? Maybe, for instance, you are constantly walking from your back door to a garden that is out in the backyard. Having this pathway paved could be a good way to prevent wear and tear on the lawn over the years. The pavement will look a lot more tidy and polished than grass that's all dug up from footprints. plus, when the weather isn't great, your feet will stay a lot dryer when you walk along a paved path.

A Grill Area

If you regularly grill in your backyard, you might want to have a grill area paved. This does not have to be a large area. It can just be a square patch in the area where you usually grill. Having a smooth paved surface will make it a lot easier to wheel the grill around. Plus, you can set other items, like coolers and chairs, in the area without worrying about them sinking into the mud on a wet day.

A Patio

Pavement may not be the most common patio material, but it can be a suitable material for a simple, flat patio. If you're already having your driveway paved and your patio needs an update, this is certainly an affordable way to give it that update. Pavement is easy to sweep clean, can withstand heavy furniture being placed on it, and sheds water well — all qualities you want in a patio.

Your Garage Floor

If your garage floor is starting to look cracked or worn, having it paved is an option. It's not as common to pave garage floors as it is to have them poured from concrete. However, pavement can be a hard, durable choice for a garage floor, and the dark color appeals to some.

If you're already having your driveway paved, consider having some other things paved while the asphalt company is there. You'll tackle two or more jobs at once!

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