Telltale Signs That Attic Insulation Removal Services Are Needed

There are a variety of issues that can make it sensible for homeowners to request attic insulation removal services. Some types of insulation lose their insulative properties as they age. There are also things that can cause damage. The following points identify a few factors that can make it wise to remove attic insulation.

Inadequate Performance

Almost every building material in a home is needed. Improper, insufficient, or damaged insulation might not seem like a major issue. However, the issue can lead to damage to other building materials. It can also cause energy bills to be higher because of the compromised insulative qualities. Sometimes insulation that needs to be removed can perform the opposite of its intended purpose. The material may trap moisture and cause ice to freeze inside of the insulation. 

Pest and Animal Excrement

Homes that have had pest infestations or known animals in their attics need the insulation inspected. The pests and animals can harbor diseases and bacteria that might be deposited in the insulation. Sometimes the substances they leave behind might be obvious in the form of excrement or fur. However, bacteria from these living creatures can linger and multiply in the insulation, creating biohazards that can negatively impact indoor air quality. This might be the underlying cause of strange odors in a home as well as repeated sickness.

Moldy or Dirty

Mold has to have the ideal circumstances to thrive. If insulation gets damaged by water or moisture, it will likely lead to mold growth on the material. Mold spores can spread quickly, and small damage might result in the need for complete attic insulation removal services. Consider that attics lie directly beneath roofing materials. Therefore, roof damage may increase the chances of damage to insulation. Early detection of the issue might reduce restoration costs.

Attic insulation may get dirty from dust. Key components of the HVAC system in some homes are located in the ceiling. The dust produced by these systems can cause dust to settle throughout the home, including in attic spaces. It is possible to mistake some types of excrement as dirt.

A contractor who is familiar with insulation can inspect homes to determine if there are insulation issues. If issues are identified, they can recommend an appropriate solution. This might be an attic insulation removal and replacement solution. Some homeowners decide to choose a different insulation solution when they discover what caused them to need the removal services. For example, water-damaged or moldy insulation could be removed and replaced with spray polyurethane foam insulation, which is resistant to moisture and mold.

Contact a company that offers attic insulation removal services to learn more.