Drain Cleaning Services? Signs Of Trouble Homeowners Should Learn To Recognize

Even though it is a critical system of their home, many homeowners will admit to knowing very little about the workings of their drain system. If designed and installed correctly, the residential drain system is extremely durable and capable of providing many years of dependable service. However, age or condition issues can arise that cause a home drain system to lose efficiency or even stop working. 

Luckily, developing drain system problems often provide signs that homeowners can learn to recognize. Homeowners who would like to learn more about these signs and what to do when they are noted will find the following information helpful. 

Noticing unpleasant odors 

One of the first signs of a developing drain problem is the presence of unpleasant odors. Wastewater or solids that are unable to drain normally due to clogs or damaged areas of the drain system will quickly result in the development of unpleasant odors. In the home, the odors may be most noticeable near drain openings or when flushing the toilet. Outside, homeowners may notice strong smells emanating from drain system cleanouts or other openings. 

Noticing slow drains or repeated clogs 

A drain system that is in good condition and able to function normally will quickly drain sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets each time they are used. When a clog forms or some type of damage has occurred, the drain system can no longer funnel the wastewater away as quickly as it should. Household members may first notice that toilets require more than one flush or that bathtubs and showers take increasing amounts of time to drain. 

Noticing noises 

Noticing unusual or increasing levels of noise emanating from the home's drain systems is another sign of a developing drain system problem that homeowners can learn to recognize. Developing clogs or damage to the drain system causes the passages to become narrower and pockets of air to form inside the pipes. As the pockets of air are jostled by the action of the drain system, gurgling or sloshing noises may be heard inside the home. 

Probable causes 

In addition to learning to recognize the signs of a developing issue, homeowners will also want to understand some possible causes of drain system problems. Many drain system issues begin with improper usage. For example, allowing oily or greasy liquids into the drain system can quickly result in the formation of a large clog as grease and oil solidify and begin to trap other waste materials as they move through the system. Drain systems can also begin to fail due to damage from invasive root systems or when pipes are crushed or broken by traffic in the area. 

Homeowners who suspect that their home is developing drain system issues can take fast action by contacting a drain cleaning service in their area.