3 Indicators You Should Hire a Septic Tank Pumping Service

There's no doubt that a septic tank plays a vital role in every home that is not connected to the main sewer system. Without it, you wouldn't enjoy simple luxuries such as using the sink or the toilet. That's because the waste would have nowhere to go, and that is why you should never take your septic system for granted.

Septic tanks are designed to be environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and durable. But with time, they can fill up with sludge and wastewater. For that reason, it is essential to have it pumped lest it expose your loved ones to health hazards. But what are the signs that it's time to call in a professional septic tank pumping services? Read on to find out.  

1. Overflowing Septic Tank

Considering that septic tanks have limited space, they are bound to overflow once they fill up. Whenever this happens, you are likely to notice water pools near the tank. What's more, the nearby vegetation might seem healthier than the rest because the overflowing wastewater will serve as fertilizer. Even though your plants may like it, it's not a situation that you'll want to stay in, so be sure that you contact a septic tank pumping service when this happens.

2. Slow Moving Drains

A slow flushing toilet is a clear indication that your septic tank cannot handle the wastewater. The same applies if the water in your bathroom seems to drain slowly. Both cases suggest that either your sewer line is clogged or the septic tank is full. Under such circumstances, it's essential to call in a competent septic tank pumping company to assess the situation.

Don't forget that slow drains are a sign that the situation might worsen sooner or later. For that reason, you should have the problem fixed in time before the water comes to a standstill.

3. Pungent Smell

Under normal circumstances, your septic tank isn't supposed to emit foul odors. Sure, you may occasionally detect slight odors due to the gases produced by bacterial activity in the tank. But a strong, persistent smell will tell you that there's something wrong.

Once your tank starts filling up, it will lack enough space to contain the gases. Unfortunately, the gases will start leaking out when this happens, making your home smell awful. Investing in professional septic tank pumping services will make the smell subside.

Have you noticed any of these signs lately? If yes, call in a professional septic tank pumping service.  Otherwise, the situation might worsen with time, forcing you to pay for costly repairs. You may even put the health of your loved ones at risk if you don't address the problem.