Decisions To Make When Choosing A New Driveway Gate

If you want to increase the security around your home, you may be thinking about installing a driveway gate. When coupled with fencing, a driveway gate gives your home a complete perimeter of protection, and it keeps cars away from your house. Here are some decisions to make when choosing the best gate for your property.

How The Gate Opens

Driveway gates either slide or swing open. You may have a preference since swinging gates are a little more attractive. However, swinging gates aren't easy to install on inclines, so you have to consider the slope of your land and how much room you have for a gate to open.

Sliding gates move horizontally, so you'll need room on the sides for the gate to slide open fully. The gate may move to one side or move from both sides and meet in the middle. Swinging gates can open in or out. These can also be a single gate or a double gate that meets in the middle. Both types of gates can be operated manually, with a remote, or with a pin code.

How The Gate Looks

Decide if you want a privacy gate. If so, you'll want a gate made of wood, vinyl, or metal that has slats close together so it's difficult to see through the gate. You also can decide how tall the gate will be and determine if you want an artistic design. If so, you may want an ornamental aluminum or wrought iron driveway gate. Your gate can be in a color of your choice and blend seamlessly with a fence or made to match your property.

How Strong The Gate Needs To Be

If you want the most protection and home security, you may want a gate made of metal. Wrought iron and steel are strong and durable choices. When improved home security is your goal, you may need to discuss your options with a driveway gate installer.

You want the most durable gate material that is the hardest to break through and that's installed using techniques that make it even more sturdy. This could involve using advanced locks that are more difficult to break than standard gate locks. Plus, you may want an alarm system on the gate so you know when anyone is near it or trying to open the gate.

In addition to the above considerations, you may want to think about accessories for your driveway gate. You may want an intercom, solar power panels, or automatic controls that lock and unlock the gate at certain times of the day.