When To Repair Your Dock Rather Than Replacing It

If you love boating, owning a dock on your property might sound like a dream. However, a beautiful brand new dock will start to show its age over time and may eventually become damaged. As such, by hiring a dock repair service and knowing when it's time to repair your dock, you'll be able to save money in the long run. This means it will be a long time before your dock will need to be replaced.

Inspect the Individual Beams for Cracks

You may notice individual cracks on the beams. If this is the case, you'll want to hire a dock repair service to replace said beams. You will not want to wait because the dock supports might become damaged as well and this can lead to your entire dock needing to be replaced. 

A Rusting Dock

If the metal components of your dock begin to rust, you will want to contact a dock repair service to inspect the problem. Whether or not your dock can be repaired or replaced depends on the severity of the rust. Small areas of rust on a metal platform can be sanded and sealed.

Damage to the Platform

Regardless of whether you have a metal or wooden platform, the platform can become damaged over time. Most wooden platforms will experience some rot over time due to moisture and fungus. However, if you're concerned about how much your dock is rotting, you'll want to consult with a dock repair service as soon as possible. 

If there is a lot of rotting wood then you'll most likely need to replace your decking. However, your piling will likely be fine and you probably won't need to replace your entire dock. 


All docks can experience weathering as a result of exposure to UV rays and moisture. You might even prefer the weathering because it might give your dock character. However, if the surface becomes very rough and has splintered, you and your family might have a difficult time enjoying some activities such as fishing or swimming when using your dock. 

If there is minor damage, a dock repair service might be able to correct it by sanding and smoothing out the areas that are affected. If you ever do decide to replace your dock, replacing the dock materials with non-wooden materials will allow you to avoid the problem of weathering. But the more often you repair your dock, the more you can put off the eventual replacement. Contact a dock repair service for more information.