10 Types Of Contractors To Hire For Your Project

You've probably heard the word "contractor" before. But who is a contractor? This is a construction or design professional whose services you procure. While most people are only familiar with general contractors, there are several other contractors that the GCs — as general contractors are commonly known — sublet work to. They all have an essential role to play and are listed below in this brief.

General Contractor

This is the overall contractor for the whole project. General contractors may sometimes sublet work to specialists known as subcontractors. The subcontractors, therefore, operate under the general contractor and are held accountable for any liabilities. As for payment, the GC pays them.


Although many people overlook their role in building projects, these professionals' services are indispensable. Some of them have specialized in niches such as cabinetmaking, framework, and crown molding. Most times, however, general contractors double as carpenters.


Unless you plan on staying off the grid, you're going to need the service of this technician. They are responsible for wiring general electrical systems. Like any other contractor, some electricians have specialized in fire alarm systems, cable TV, and sound equipment.


With the rise in the popularity of gypsum for both walls and ceilings, drywalling services are in demand now than ever. Drywallers have perfected the art of carving gypsum into any feature that suits your needs.


The walls of most traditional houses are made of plaster. The plastering process is a time- and labor-intensive one compared to drywalling. For this reason, most general contractors sublet plastering work to plastering subcontractors. 


After plastering, it is time to give color to your walls. This is where a painting contractor comes in. They'll paint your walls whatever color you want.

Wallpaper Installer

If you are planning to make your walls come to life with some illustrious wallpaper, you need to engage the services of a certified wallpaper installer. They skillfully apply it and take a considerably short time.

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 

To ensure the air in your house is comfortable, you will have to install a heating system for the cold times and a cooling system for the hot times. An HVAC contractor specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of these systems.


If you are looking to install stonework in your home, a mason is your to-go person. From stone pavers to marble countertops, there are no limits to what this specialist can do.


During a house renovation, the roof is one of the elements that will come to mind. While it could use some repairs, some situations call for replacement. Your roofer will also deal with the gutters.

As you can see, there is a person for every job that your home may need. There is a calming effect that comes with placing your work into the right hands.