Misconceptions About Having A Home Custom Built

So many people want to have a custom home built. This can be a really rewarding experience, ending with you living in a home that is everything you dreamed of. However, the whole process of working with the builder and having the home built is not always what people expect. So, what misconceptions might you have right now that should be cleared up before you start down the whole building process? Take a look!

Building a home always costs more.

People often assume that having a new home built will cost more than buying an already standing home. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes it's not. It all depends on the market in your area, the cost of building materials, the availability of pre-built homes, and what you're looking for in a house. If you're not sure whether it will be more affordable for you to buy an existing home or have one built, meet with a builder and get a quote. Then, meet with a real estate agent and talk about local home prices. See how the prices compare, and decide from there.

You get to choose everything in a custom-built home.

Customers often envision themselves picking and choosing every small detail about their home. There are home builders that will give you this much control, but it's not usual. Far more often, you will start with a "standard" home design that's pretty close to what you want, and then you'll make changes to it so that it better meets your needs and preferences. There are more opportunities to customize things like the finishes, closet sizes, and window placement.

The same team will build your whole home.

At the beginning of the designing and building process, you will generally meet with a builder and a designer. Often, you'll assume these will be the people who carry out the whole project. They do oversee the whole build, but they don't generally do everything themselves. Most building companies subcontract out work like the plumbing, the electrical work, HVAC installation, and even the drywall. So, there will be different teams responsible for different parts of the project, and you may meet several different companies and contractors throughout the building process.

With these misconceptions cleared up, you are ready to begin the home building process — if that's what you choose to do! Your builders will guide you every step of the way. Contact a custom home builder in your area to learn more.