Are you ready to increase your revenue with the power of words?


I help businesses make money, build and improve relationships with my writing. I’m obsessed with helping you get those results.

I offer various services to help you achieve those results.

I give special attention to the quality of my work , for in the words of French poet Jean de la Fontain:

By the work one knows the workmen.

I offer the following services:

1. Ghostwriting
If you want quality reports/articles written in your name by an expert who knows his stuff, you’re in the right place. With my strong research ethic and or knowledge of your field, I will help you write quality articles you’ll definitely be proud to put your name on.

With my ghostwriting service, expect nothing but a masterpiece written to reflect your voice and style.

2. Marketing Collateral

No matter what industry you’re in online, a quality marketing collateral positions you as an expert in the industry.

With an e-book, case study, or whitepaper, you can position yourself as an authority on a subject, you can build an email list while using it as an ethical bribe, or use it as part of a viral marketing campaign.

I can help you turn your marketing collateral into a lead generation machine.

If you need professional help in writing quality marketing collateral, you made the right stop. Send me a message using the form below.

3. Blog Posts

A steady flow of traffic on your blog can be guaranteed by constant relevant content. What’s in that for your business?

Blogging is several times more effective than other types of marketing. In fact, if you run a company that has no blog, now is a perfect time to start one. Or post regularly on your existing blog. Because it’s no longer news that companies that increase blogging from 3-5 times/month to 6-8 times/month almost double their leads .

So, if you’re a business with a dormant blog, or no blog, you’re losing a lot of revenue .

If you want regular, quality content on your blog or website, drop a message via the form on this page.

4. Email Newsletters

Just having an email list is not enough. For your business prospects, you need a responsive list.

And even then, successfully nurturing an email list isn’t all about selling. It means creating useful content. It means creating content that makes your subscribers want to open your mail every time they see your name.

I can write marketing emails for a particular campaign, auto-responder series, one-time email copy, or company emails to relate with customers.

Just send a message.

5. Expert Copywriting

I almost sneaked this in number 4, but I feel it deserves a number of its own.

Good copy is priceless. You can win more customers, subscribers and make increased sales…the list goes on and on.

If you want simple copy that converts, then I’m your man. Expect lots of questions, and very honest feedback from me (you won’t always like what I’ll tell you).

If you need:

  • Squeeze page copy
  • Blog post headlines
  • Home and About page copy
  • Email campaign copy (see above)
  • Social media copy
  • Ad copy

Just drop a message. I’ll help you turn any of those elements into a revenue-generating machine.

6. Content Strategy

Tell me about your business and I will help to plan, develop, and manage content necessary to promote your business.

7. Guest Posting

I’ve written hundreds of guest posts for people like you and businesses like yours in the past two years. I can write guest posts for you too.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to:

  • Build backlinks to your site or content on your site, thus improving your ranking and domain authority or rating
  • Increase brand awareness and authority
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Build relationships with bloggers/websites in your niche

I can help you. Get in touch.

8. Custom Service

Do you have writing needs not covered in my list of services? Don’t worry, just send me a message. If I can’t help, I probably know someone who will.

Alternatively, send an email to ini@therefinementblog.com

PS: You know the best part? Even if we don’t end up working together, when you send me a message, I’ll give you custom ideas for increasing your online revenue at no charge. What are you waiting for?