It’s Stupid to Ignore People’s Opinion of Your Actions (Here’s Why)

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. Ever seen or heard that? I’m sure this post of mine isn’t the first place you saw it. Or was it?… The internet is flooded with posts or books that tell you ignoring people’s […]

A Breakup Should Teach You These Five Lessons

Everyone wishes they have love. Love that can survive all obstacles against it. Love that is the envy of others. Love that can last forever. Just like in fairy tales. But it’s not news that sometimes such wishes are only left to the imagination in the end. A “disaster” destroys the relationship. Okay. The breakup […]

Three Reasons Fear of Failure Should Make Entrepreneurs Fight to Succeed

  You’re already wondering what fear of failure has got to do with entrepreneurship. You’re likely thinking of fear as a negative emotion. How can something negative inspire success? I won’t bore you with tales of the outrageously low survival rates of businesses (start-ups) published on the internet. Which have you heard? 9 out of […]

Three Warning Signs That You Do Not Take Criticism Well

  The mere sight of the word “criti…” makes some people cringe. Doesn’t matter if it’s critic, critical, or yes, criticism. Before now, some would not dare say anything to your face out of fear or maybe shyness. In this internet-driven age, things have changed. Most even send and say nasty things about people they […]

Three Warning Signs You’re About to Quit Too Easily

  How long will you continue working on a project even when you’re not getting desired results? Three months? Six months? A year? Are you sure you’re giving it your best? Or it’s one of those times quitting the project would suffice? How do you tell the difference? The difference between knowing when to hold […]

Four Warning Signs You Gave Less Than Your Best To A Task

  “I’ll give this my best”. “I’ll see this through with everything I am”. “I’ll give it my best shot”. How many times in the past month have you said that? Were you trying to impress someone? Were you beaten to first spot by a fellow competitor? Or did you just say it because you […]